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Python Question

Replace one string in a list of strings

I have a list of strings.

If one of the strings (e.g. at index 5) is the empty string, I want to replace it with "N".

How do I do that? The naive method (for a java programmer) does not work:

string_list[5] = "N"


'str' object does not support item assignment

(string_list originally came from a .csv-file- that is why it might contain empty strings.)

Answer Source

Your error seems to indicate that your string_list is not a list of string but a real string (that doesn't support assignement because a string is immutable).

If your string_list was a real list of strings, like this for example : string_list = ["first", "second", "", "fourth"], then you will be able to do string_list[2] = "third" to obtain string_list = ["first", "second", "third", "fourth"].

If you need to automatically detect where an empty string is located in your list, try with index :

string_list[string_list.index("")] = "replacement string"

print string_list
>>> ["first", "second", "replacement string", "fourth"]
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