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How to prevent visual studio 2017 from build javascript?

I upgraded today to VS2017, and I saw that every time I change something in my my web app project - the build build all my javascript again (I'm using webpack for client).
It is cool, but it take a lot of time, so I'll be happy to configure it to stop building the javascript (and I'll build it myself just when it changed).


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Simple Answer

In your csproj file, add the following line to the existing PropertyGroup block:


Make sure you are including your typescript files as content

<Content Include="**\*.ts" Exclude="$(GlobalExclude)" />

Add a tsconfig.json file to your project root and make sure the following setting is set:

"disableCompileOnSave": true,


Nuget creates a generated targets file called [ProjectName].csproj.nuget.g.targets in the obj directory of your project. This targets file is importing Microsoft.NET.Sdk.Web.ProjectSystem.targets which in turn imports Microsoft.TypeScript.targets.

In the Microsoft.TypeScript.targets file, the following line has a comment that lets us know that if this property is set to true, then the TypeScript compilation task will do nothing:

<!-- Makes the TypeScript compilation task a no-op -->
<TypeScriptCompileBlocked Condition="'$(TypeScriptCompileBlocked)' == ''">false</TypeScriptCompileBlocked>
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