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Python Question

Match specific pattern with regular expression

I've to make a regex to match exactly this kind of pattern
here an example


having a match for every group like

Match 1

  • JK

  • +

  • 6.00

Match 2

  • PP

  • *

  • 2

Match 3

  • ZZ

Match 4


So comma separated blocks of
(2 to 12 all capitals letters) [optional (+ or *) and a (positive number 0[.0[0]])

This block successfully parse the pattern


we have the subject group


The value


All the optional operation section (value within)


But the regex must fail if the string doesn't match EXACTLY the pattern
and that's the problem

I tried this but doesn't work


Any suggestion?

PS. I use Python re

Answer Source

I'd personally go for a 2 step solution, first check that the whole string fits to your pattern, then extract the groups you want.

For the overall check you might want to use ^(?:[A-Z]{2,12}(?:[*+]\d+(?:\.\d{1,2})?)?(?:,|$))*$ as a pattern, which contains basically your pattern, the (?:,|$) to match the delimiters and anchors.

I have also adjusted your pattern a bit, to (?P<block>(?P<subject>[A-Z]{2,12})(?:(?P<operation>[*+])(?P<value>\d+(?:\.\d{1,2})?))?). I have replaced (?:\*|\+) with [+*] in your operation pattern and \. with .? in your value pattern.

A (very basic) python implementation could look like

import re
if re.fullmatch(full_pattern, str):
    for match in re.finditer(extract_pattern, str):


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