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ASP.NET (C#) Question

How do i make a "div" button submit the form its sitting in?

I have ASP.Net code generating my button's HTML for me using divs to get it to look and behave how I want. This question is regarding the HTML produced by the ASP.Net code.

A standard button is easy, just set the onClick event of the div to change the page location:

<div name="mybutton" id="mybutton" class="customButton" onClick="javascript:document.location.href='wherever.html';">
Button Text

This works great, however, if I want a button like this to submit the form in which it resides, I would have imagined something like below:

<form action="whatever.html" method="post">
<div name="mysubmitbutton" id="mysubmitbutton" class="customButton" onClick="javascript:this.form.submit();">
Button Text

However, that does not work :( Does anyone have any sparkling ideas?

Answer Source

this in div onclick don't have attribute form, you may try this.parentNode.submit() or document.forms[0].submit() will do

Also, onClick, should be onclick, some browsers don't work with onClick

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