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Javascript Question

changing clicked element's style in array thorugh javascript

my html code

<div class="mydiv" onclick="clickonelement()">div1</div>
<div class="mydiv" onclick="clickonelement()">div2</div>
<div class="mydiv" onclick="clickonelement()">div3</div>
<div class="mydiv" onclick="clickonelement()">div4</div>
<div class="mydiv" onclick="clickonelement()">div5</div>
<div class="mydiv" onclick="clickonelement()">div6</div>
<!-- javascript code -->
function clickonelement(){
mydiv = document.getElementsByClassName("mydiv");
for(i=0; i<mydiv.length; i++){
mydiv.item(i).style.backgroundColor = "red";
mydiv[this].style.backgroundColor = "#fff";
css code
.mydiv{width:300px; height:30px;}

i want on onClick event to change clicked element's background to white and other elements background remain red in color but my code
mydiv[this].style.backgroundColor = "#fff";
is not working. please solve this problem in JavaScript only. I am in basic stage of JavaScript.

Answer Source

You need to pass a reference to the element that you want to refer to with this, e.g. onclick="clickonelement(this)":

function clickonelement(elem) {
  mydiv = document.getElementsByClassName("mydiv");
  for (i = 0; i < mydiv.length; i++) {
    mydiv.item(i).style.backgroundColor = "red";
    elem.style.backgroundColor = "#fff";
<div class="mydiv" onclick="clickonelement(this)">div1</div>
<div class="mydiv" onclick="clickonelement(this)">div2</div>
<div class="mydiv" onclick="clickonelement(this)">div3</div>
<div class="mydiv" onclick="clickonelement(this)">div4</div>
<div class="mydiv" onclick="clickonelement(this)">div5</div>
<div class="mydiv" onclick="clickonelement(this)">div6</div>

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