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Move tag one commit ahead

I have a repo with only one branch (

). ADD: I'm the only contributor to my repo (sorry, I forgot to mention this)

I've recently added a
, both locally and pushed to Github, after making what I though was the last necessary commit, but now I realize I should have made one more change/commit.

So what I have is:

commit 124
commit 125
commit 126 <-- tag v1.0
commit 127

and I want to move the
tag to the next commit, ie:
, both locally and in Github.

How can I do tat?

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Have you ever been to a book club where members do not all use the same edition of the "book of the week"? It's a nightmare, right? Moving a tag would essentially put you in the same situation.

If you think of your repository as a book that chronicles progress in your project, you can think of a tag as a chapter heading.

enter image description here

Moving a tag to a different commit after sharing it is like telling all your book-club buddies

You know what, guys? The edition of the book we've all been using so far is now obsolete, because I have solely decreed that chapter 8 shall now start, not on page 126, but on page 128.

Not good. Moving a tag is a form of history rewriting, and you shouldn't rewrite history that has been shared. It's the surest way to piss your collaborators off. Besides, you write

I'm the only contributor to my repo [...]

That may be true for now, but if other people than you have access to your GitHub repository (e.g. if it's public), some of them may already have forked or cloned it (although there is a way to find out), and you run the risk of pissing them off if you rewrite history.

If you're 100% sure that you want to move that tag anyway, Git does allow you to do it. Here, you could use

git tag --force v1.0 <ID-of-commit-127>

and then you would have to force push that tag, using

git push --force --tags

But again, think twice before going ahead...

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