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C# Question

how to insert part of image into picturebox?

I'm not really sure if it is possible to insert a part of image into picturebox, but I would like to create an image 500*500 pixels in size and then use the parts of it as small connectable 50*50 pieces by setting the location of image inside the pictureboxes...

Is anything similar possible through use of graphics? I'm not very familiar with it... (I am talking about C# forms application...)

Answer Source

After some time of searching and few personal attempts I have found a solution, this isn't my own, but sadly I have forgot where did I took it from:

   private static Image cropImage(Image img, Rectangle cropArea)
       Bitmap bmpImage = new Bitmap(img);
       Bitmap bmpCrop = bmpImage.Clone(cropArea,
       return (Image)(bmpCrop);

This will created cropped image, you can now use it in code. SAMPLE:

   Picturebox P = new Picturebox;
   P.BackgroundImage = cropImage(ImageThatWillBeCropped, new Rectangle(0,0,50,50));

If anyone finds this useful and needs explanation for rectangle, please, feel free to ask :)

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