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Apache Camel to handle encoding declared in XML-File

I'm trying to parse an UTF-16 encoded document using Apache Camel Splitter with xtokenize, this delegates to Woodstox (, also I cannot know the encoding of a file before I read it, currently some files are UTF-16, others UTF-8:

.split().xtokenize(getToken(), 'w', NAMESPACES)

The problem I encounter is that Camel tells Woodstox which encoding to use:

String charset = IOHelper.getCharsetName(exchange);

It sets the default UTF-8 as encoding, so BasicStreamReader tries to read BOM bytes as UTF-8 and fails with

com.ctc.wstx.exc.WstxUnexpectedCharException: Unexpected character '�' (code 65533 / 0xfffd) in prolog; expected '<'

As specified in XML Parser (Woodstox) should be able to autodetect the file encoding if only Camel lets it do the work.

Is there a way not to implement the encoding detection myself?

Answer Source

Created a Camel JIRA ticket: From my comments you can see there is no easy solution for splitting UTF-16 XML with Camel without knowing it's UTF-16 in advance.

Though subclassing XMLTokenExpressionIterator, which is an ExpressionAdapter and switching to InputStream works in the first place, there are several other places with xslt & xpath & conversion to StaxSource where it will break for the same reason.

As a workaround I consider it's easier to let XmlStreamReader find out encoding in advance (happens at the initialization) and setting Exchange.CHARSET_NAME header or property.

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