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Delete multiple couchbase entities having common key pattern

I have a use case where I have to remove a subset of entities stored in couchbase, e.g. removing all entities with keys starting with "pii_".
I am using NodeJS SDK but there is only one remove method which takes one key at a time:

In some cases thousands of entities need to be deleted and it takes very long time if I delete them one by one especially because I don't keep list of keys in my application.

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The best way to accomplish this is to create a Couchbase view by key and then range query over that view via your NodeJS code, making deletes on the results.

For example, your Couchbase view could look like the following:

function(doc, meta) {
    emit(, null);

Then in your NodeJS code, you could have something that looks like this:

var couchbase = require('couchbase');
var ViewQuery = couchbase.ViewQuery;

var query = ViewQuery.from('designdoc', 'by_id');

query.range("pii_", "pii_" + "\u0000", false);

var myBucket = myCluster.openBucket();
myBucket.query(query, function(err, results) {
    for(i in results) {
        // Delete code in here

Of course your Couchbase design document and view will be named differently than the example that I gave, but the important part is the ViewQuery.range function that was used.

All document ids prefixed with pii_ would be returned, in which case you can loop over them and start deleting.


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