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C++ Question

Calculate (a^a)^(a^a) modulo n

how can I calculate (aa)(aa) modulo n, while


If share source code of this problem in C++, I will really appreciate.

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Firstly, to exponentiate large numbers in remainder class rings (i.e. modulo something), there exist some iterative algorithms, foremost Square and Multiply. The basic idea is to do either squaring or multiplying in a step. Then reduce modulo n and continue. This way, you will never have too large numbers.

The second optimization that can be done is due to the Fermat-Euler Theorem, which says that

(a^b) mod n = a^(b mod phi(n))

where phi(n) is Euler's totient function iff a and n are co-prime.

Knowing this, we can analyze your expression a bit closer:


So, in pseudo-code, this looks as follows:

input a, n
a := a mod n
phin := totient(n)
phiphin := totient(phin)
exp2 := (a + 1) mod phiphin
exp := powMod(a mod phin, exp2, phin) //implements square and multiply for a^b mod n
result := powMod(a, exp, n)
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