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Wireless LAN phy0 hard blocked

I'm using latest Fedora 17 3.3.4-5.fc17.x86_64
I used WiFi several days, but today everything just got wrong with no reason.
I couldn't get WiFi working using gnome, so I opened a terminal and tried

# ifconfig wlan0 up
SIOCSIFFLAGS: Operation not possible due to RF-kill

I searched on the internet and I found a command rfkill

#rfkill list all
1: phy0: Wireless LAN
Soft blocked: no
Hard blocked: yes
2: hci0: Bluetooth
Soft blocked: no
Hard blocked: no

I'm sure that my wifi button on my laptop is on.
I was thinking about some physical damage, but I haven't moved my laptop this night, and in the morning it just doesn't work.

// Bluetooth is not hard blocked, wireless is, but I think it's the same hw button.

I restarted BIOS, and it didn't work, what else can I do, any ideas?

Thank you

Answer Source

I searched the web and found solution here https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=713006

It's a known fedora bug, workaround is to turn laptop off, switch wifi button off, turn fedora on and swith wifi button on.

Note: some laptops (netbooks) may not have a physical wifi switch and instead rely on a Fn key combination. In this case the solution would be to boot into BIOS and enable wifi in those settings.

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