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Python Question

Creating file loop

How can I ask the user for a file name and if it already exists, ask the user if they want to overwrite it or not, and obey their request. If the file does not exist, a new file (with the selected name) should be created.
From some research on both the Python website and Stack Overflow, I've come up with this code

with open(input("Please enter a suitable file name")) as file:
print("This filename already exists")

except IOError:
my_file = open("output.txt", "r+")

But this will not run in Python, and doesn't do everything I want it to do.

Answer Source

Alternative soltution would be (however the user would need to provide a full path):

import os

def func():
    if os.path.exists(input("Enter name")):
        if input("File already exists. Overwrite it? (y/n) ")[0] == 'y':
            my_file = open("filename.txt", 'w+')

    my_file = open("filename.txt", 'w+')

Don't forget to close the file object when it's not needed anymore with my_file.close().

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