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PHP Question

Is it possible to set the same cookies in Flash as they are used in browser

I use js plugins like uploadify, that uses swf (flash) as uploader (to provide ajax upload).
I can perform upload operation only for logged-in people. But as my website authentication happens not via flash, flash doesn't have cookies as browser has after authentication.

So, in browser i am an administrator, in flash i am guest. Is there a way to setup the same cookie for flash as i have in browser to identify myself without additional hashes or other extra functionality?

Will be happy to any help/advices/links to docs/manuals.
Thank you in advance!

Answer Source

You can use Javascript to set and read cookie(s) and then use ExternalInterface to pass values to/from Flash.

Or you can use SharedObject to set/read your 'cookies' and then pass the values to the website (ExternalInterface).

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