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How to get rid of a white space that develops when the browser size is reduced?

Above is the current site. In terms of layout, there are no problems. But, when you minimize it to phone screen size (in your browser), a white space develops in between the two white spaces. What could be the problem? This white space is still part of that Div as I saw when I inspected it, but the content is not filling into that white part. See for yourself in the website above. ^ Also, on other resolutions the layout may look weird. If so, I would appreciate a solution for that too. Thanks!

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The margin-top: 20px created the space between the "2 black divs", which is what I think you meant by the "two white spaces" in your question. Setting it to `margin-top: 0", or

h1.first-of-type {
    margin-top: 0;

will solve your problem

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