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C# Question

Mixing LINQ with async (getting payload from a seed)

I have a collection of seeds

var seeds = new [] {1, 2, 3, 4};

From each seed I want to run an async method that performs some calculation with the seed:

async Task<int> Calculation(int seed);

My goal is to perform a select like this:

var results = from seed in seeds
let calculation = await Calculation(seed)
select new { seed, calculation };

Unfortunately, this syntax isn't allowed using LINQ.

How can I make the "results" variable contain both the seed and the calculation?

(I would appreciate any answer, but specially if it's using System.Reactive's

Answer Source

You could do the following using WhenAll static method:

var result = await Task.WhenAll(seeds.Select(seed => Task.Run(async()=>
                                                   var result=await Calculation(seed);
                                                   return new {Seed=seed,Result=result};
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