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Bash Question

Unix remove part of path

I'm trying to remove part of the path in a string. I have the path:


I want to remove the first part
and produce the output:


Note: I have several paths in a while loop, with the same
in all of them, but I'm just looking for the 'how to' on removing the desired string.

I found some examples, but I can't get them to work:

echo /path/to/file/drive/file/path/ | sed 's:/path/to/file/drive:\2:'
echo /path/to/file/drive/file/path/ | sed 's:/path/to/file/drive:2'

being the second part of the string and I'm clearly doing something wrong...maybe there is an easier way?

Answer Source

You can also use POSIX shell variable expansion to do this.

echo ${path#/path/to/file/drive/}

The #.. part strips off a leading matching string when the variable is expanded; this is especially useful if your strings are already in shell variables, like if you're using a for loop. You can strip matching strings (e.g., an extension) from the end of a variable also, using %.... See the bash man page for the gory details.

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