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How can I clear the rails console history

When I run

rails c
and press the up key when irb starts up, I can see the last commands I entered when my app dropped to irb after encountering a
command for the ruby-debug gem. I would not only like to clear these commands out, but I would like it if
rails c
would pull the last commands I issued during my last rails console session. I think it used to do this but I'm not sure what has changed. I'm on ruby 1.8.7 and rails 3.0.3 on Mac OS 10.6.5 if that helps.

Answer Source

I interpret you question as asking how to turn history on in the Rails Console and off in the Ruby debugger. If this isn't true, please clarify.

IRB, and by extension, the Rails Console, read from ~/.irbrc, or if that doesn't exist, /etc/irbrc, to startup and configure irb. Your history is typically written to ~/.irb_history, but that is dictated by the contents of your irbrc file. The /etc/irbrc on my Mac OS X is set up to write the history from irb, so perhaps you've created a local .irbrc that doesn't have history, or perhaps you have a syntax error in that file.

The debugger reads a file called .rdebugrc on startup. You can turn off history in debug by adding this line to ~/.rdebugrc:

set history save off

Turn it back on with:

set history save on

You could also set your debug output to go to a different file than irb reads from with the command:

set history filename

These also work from the debug prompt, but aren't persistent.

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