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Operator overload for struct

I am not able to get this code work. I have read similar questions on the topic but I couldn't find a solution.
error: no match for 'operator<' (operand types are 'car' and 'const int')
{ return *__it < __val; }
That was the only meaningful hint in a lengthy error message.

struct car{
string name;
int l,h;
int operator<(/*const car& a,*/const car& b){
return (this->l)<=(b.l);
int main(){int t;
int n;
vector<struct car> a(n);
int i=0;
//more code }

Even creating a compare function with two arguements didn't work.
Any helpwill be appreciated. Thanks.

Answer Source

Your question is lacking the actual question, but two things are obvious:

1) You're violating strict weak ordering - if a < b then b < a cannot be true. Your comparison function breaks this. In fact, you're implementing operator< in terms of operator<=, which should be a red flag.

2) your code could use a little formatting. Use clang-format or formatting function of your IDE for this (or a web interface for clang-format: link).

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