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Regular Expression - Python - Remove Leading Whitespace

I search a text file for the word Offering with a regular expression. I then use the start and end points from that search to look down the column and pull the integers. Some instances (column A) have leading white-space I do not want. I want to print just the number (as would be found in Column B) into a file, no leading white-space. Regex in a regex? Conditional?

price ='(^|\s)off(er(ing)?)?', line, re.I)
if price:
ps = price.start()
pe = price.end()

Offering Offer
56.00 55.00
45.00 45.55
65.222 32.00


You could use strip() to remove leading and trailing whitespaces:

In [1]: ' 56.00  '.strip()
Out[1]: '56.00'