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Executing cmd commands in Windows from PHP Issue

Is it possible to execute cmd commands in Windows OS with PHP exec() function?

I tried this:


try {

echo exec(
'O:\test\pdftk.exe O:\test\outputs\OPP\out.pdf O:\test\outputs\OPP\out2.pdf cat output O:\test\123.pdf'

} catch (Exception $e) {
echo $e->getMessage();

Basically, I'm trying to merge two pdf files with the pdftk program. If I just write the same exact command to the cmd by hand, it works and the O:\test\123.pdf file is created. But when I execute the above PHP file, nothing happens (blank page, the file is not created).

Answer Source

Can your PHP user access cmd.exe? You might find the tools at Microsoft's Sysinternals very useful; particularly the process monitor.

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