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ASP.NET (C#) Question

ASP.Net Core injecting setting

In ASP.Net Core it's possible to inject config values into a class using


So if I have the following

"CustomSection": {
"Foo": "Bar"
"RootUrl": "http://localhost:12345/"

I can inject
into my constructor (assuming I've defined a
class) and read the

How can I inject the
setting into my constructor or is this not supported?

Answer Source

From the docs Using options and configuration objects that is not possible:

The options pattern enables using custom options classes to represent a group of related settings. A class needs to have a public read-write property for each setting and a constructor that does not take any parameters (e.g. a default constructor) in order to be used as an options class.

That means you need to generate a class to read it's configuration value(s). But in your sample RootUrlcannot be constructed via a class.

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