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Java Question

how to convert byte[] to Byte[], and the other way around?

How to convert byte[] to Byte[], and also Byte[] to byte[], in the case of not using any 3rd party library? Is there a way to do it fast just using the standard library?

Answer Source

Byte class is a wrapper for the primitive byte. This should do the work:

byte[] bytes = new byte[10];
Byte[] byteObjects = new Byte[bytes.length];

int i=0;    
// Associating Byte array values with bytes. (byte[] to Byte[])
for(byte b: bytes)
   byteObjects[i++] = b;  // Autoboxing.


int j=0;
// Unboxing byte values. (Byte[] to byte[])
for(Byte b: byteObjects)
    bytes[j++] = b.byteValue();
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