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HTML Comments Markup

I am currently in the process of creating my own blog and I have got to marking up the comments, but what is the best way to mark it up?

The information I need to present is:

  1. Persons Name

  2. Gravatar Icon

  3. Comment Date

  4. The Comment

Any idea's would be much appriciated.

PS: I'm only interested in semantic html markup.

Answer Source

I think that your version with the cite, blockquote, etc. would definitely work , but if semantics is your main concern then I personally wouldn't use cite and blockquote as they have specific things that they are supposed to represent.

The blockquote tag is meant to represent a quotation taken from another source and the cite tag is meant to represent a source of information (like a magazine, newspaper, etc.).

I think an argument can certainly made that you can use semantic HTML with class names, provided they are meaningful. This article on Plain Old Semantic HTML makes a reference to using class names -

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