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jQuery Question

What are the differences between normal and slim package of jquery?

At CDNJS jquery.slim package is placed. It has smaller size. What are the major differences from an original? Quick look at the code din't bring the answer, and at the I've not found any reference about


So, what are the differences between jquery.js and jquery.slim.js ?

Answer Source

Looking at the code I found the following differences between jquery.js and jquery.slim.js:

In the jquery.slim.js, the following function of code are removed:

  1. jQuery.fn.extend
  2. jquery.fn.load
  3. jquery.each // Attach a bunch of functions for handling common AJAX events
  4. jQuery.expr.filters.animated
  5. ajax settings like jQuery.ajaxSettings.xhr, jQuery.ajaxPrefilter, jQuery.ajaxSetup, jQuery.ajaxPrefilter, jQuery.ajaxTransport, jQuery.ajaxSetup
  6. xml parsing like jQuery.parseXML,
  7. animation effects like jQuery.easing, jQuery.Animation, jQuery.speed
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