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AngularJS Question

passing 2 $index values within nested ng-repeat

So I have an ng-repeat nested within another ng-repeat in order to build a nav menu. On each

on the inner ng-repeat loop I set an ng-click which calls the relevant controller for that menu item by passing in the $index to let the app know which one we need. However I need to also pass in the $index from the outer ng-repeat so the app knows which section we are in as well as which tutorial.

<ul ng-repeat="section in sections">
<li class="section_title {{section.active}}" >
<li class="tutorial_title {{tutorial.active}}" ng-click="loadFromMenu($index)" ng-repeat="tutorial in section.tutorials">

here's a Plunker http://plnkr.co/edit/bJUhI9oGEQIql9tahIJN?p=preview

Answer Source

Each ng-repeat creates a child scope with the passed data, and also adds an additional $index variable in that scope.

So what you need to do is reach up to the parent scope, and use that $index.

See http://plnkr.co/edit/FvVhirpoOF8TYnIVygE6?p=preview

<li class="tutorial_title {{tutorial.active}}" ng-click="loadFromMenu($parent.$index)" ng-repeat="tutorial in section.tutorials">
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