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No space before ORDER BY - Why does this work?

I came across some SQL in an application which had no space before the "ORDER BY" clause. I was surprised that this even works.

Given a table of numbers, called [counter] where there is simply one column, counter_id that is an incrementing list of integers this SQL works fine in Microsoft SQL Server 2012

FROM [counter] c
where c.counter_id = 1000ORDER by counter_id

This also works with strings, e.g.:

WHERE some_string = 'test'ORDER BY something

My question is, are there any potential pitfalls or dangers with this query? And conversely, are there any benefits? Other than saving, what, 8 bits of network traffic for that whitespace (whcih may well be a consideration in some applications)

Answer Source

Let me explain the reason why this works with numbers and strings.

The reason is because numbers cannot start identifiers, unless the name is escaped. Basically, the first things that happens to a SQL query is tokenization. That is, the components of the query are broken into identifiers and keywords, which are then analyzed.

In SQL Server, keywords and identifiers and function names (and so on) cannot start with a digit (unless the name is escaped, of course). So, when the tokenizer encounters a digit, it knows that it has a number. The number ends when a non-digit character is encountered. So, a sequence of characters such as 1000ORDER BY is easily turned into three tokens, 1000, ORDER, and BY.

Similarly, the first time that a single quote is encountered, it always represents a string literal. The string literal ends when the final single quote is encountered. The next set of characters represents another token.

Let me add that there is exactly zero reason to ever use these nuances. First, these rules are properties of SQL Server's tokenization and do not necessarily apply to other databases. Second, the purpose of SQL is for humans to be able to express queries. It is way, way more important that we read them.

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