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Django-filer renders incorrectly in admin site

After following the installation instructions on django-filer docs website, I started the development server on my local machine and tested out if everything works. However when I open django admin site and click on filer folders, I can see that the form is not rendering correctly. The whole #content div is aligned to the right site, and the .breadcrumbs-container-inner is a mess. I am using Django 1.9.8 and Django-filer 1.2.4. I attach screen shots of what I get.(Full-window size, and small size window).

Is that a bug of django-filer? Can anyone reproduce the problem, or have had similar problems in the past? How can I fix this?

Screenshot #1
Screenshot #2

Answer Source

There is a way around to solve this issue. All you need to do is install djangocms-admin-style into your project.

Problem was reported and hopefully will be solved soon.

There is an open issue ticket on GitHub.

The answer was found thanks to @ohrstrom and @benzkji suggestions.

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