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Un-mash a string in C++ using recursion

Part A: Have a user input a string. Then display this string smashed up as follows: display the first character in the string, then the last, then the second, then the second to last, then the third... So if the string is “abcdef”, it will display:
afbecd (input “abcdef”)
12345 --> 15243
123456 --> 162534

Part B: Now, unmash the above strings.
i.e 162534 -->123456

I got part A to work.

#include <iostream>
using namespace std;
void mash(string s);

int main()
string sequence;
cout << "Enter a sequence: ";
getline(cin, sequence);

void mash(string s)
int a = s.length();

if (a == 0)
if (a == 1)
cout << s;

cout << s[0];

cout << s[a - 1];
s = s.substr(1,a-2);

but I have no clue how to approach part B. I guess I can try to print out the characters in the even position, say in the string 162534, thus I will get 123. Then I guess I can try to print out the odd position characters from the last one up to the first one, i.e, 456. Combining these two will get the original strings but I have no clue how to use recursion to solve part B.

Answer Source

Here is a hint. So unmash(string s) should first print the first character s[0], then unmash(s.substr(2, length - 2)), then s[1]. Of course, you also need to check if length <= 2 need to treat that differently.

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