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R Question

Using poLCA.posterior in R

I am using poLCA to generate posterior latent class membership probabilities. I need to assign each of 477 participants to one of three classes. The process is a bit tedious, as I am having to look at each of three probabilities for every case. Is there a way to have R generate a dummy variable for latent class membership based on the posterior estimations? Said another way, is there a code that will generate latent class membership assignments based on the optimal probability of membership?

Answer Source

Look at predclass, the vector of predicted class memberships by modal assignment, as indicated on the poLCA help page. For example, if you do

two.class.model = poLCA(cbind(A,B,C,D)~1,values,nclass=2)

then two.class.model$predclass displays the assignment of each record to one of two classes.

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