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Sass (Sass) Question

map for using sass in bootstrap for bower project

guys this is a serious question as an developer ! , i kind of confuse
this is my project structure enter image description here

installing bootstrap using bower and some file and directory what direction should i follow to using sass in this kind of structure : for example i mean
1- install grunt 2-gurnt to your project 3- add sass file what ever your want 4-..
my whole confuse thing is i see a lot of ways and you know many of them do not match with my project structure . some one sad grunt some one else sad bootstrap sass and compile your project and more . thank you

Answer Source

this article by css tricks is the MAP

Gulp for Beginners

1-install gulp globally 2-install gulp in your project note-gulp is very very flexible with paths and project structures 3-you need two folder app-dist 4-add file gulpfilel.js 5-install sass plugin in gulp 6-write a task and run it ! 7-just simple ?!!

enter image description here

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