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CSS Question

Ordered List (ol) showing up un-numbered?

I have an ordered list (ol) on my page but the numbering is not showing up at all! I have done this:

<li>my text</li>
<li>my text</li>
<li>my text</li>

As I have typed the above, stackoverflow was able to render it correctly the way I wanted it to, like so:

  1. my text

  2. my text

  3. my text

However, this is not happening on my webpage. I am viewing this in Firefox on my localhost.

If any knows why my ol's look like ul's (i.e. no numbering) I would be grateful for help. If not, please let me know how I can achieve a numbered list using ul's.

Thanks all

Answer Source

It's going to be a CSS issue. CSS can change the numbering/bullet style, and even turn it off altogether. Using Firebug, inspect the element and look at the CSS styles on the right to see what styles are being applied to it. Look for one called list-style.

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