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Hide and Show number of rows in a table that are sharing the same ID

I'm generating rows dynamically, I've added an ID value to

tag, therefore each generated row has got the same ID. The problem is when I try to hide and show these rows, it's only hiding and showing the first row, even though there are many more.

<tr style="color: lightgrey; display: none" id="deletedTrainingRecords">

<td class="@cls[0]"></td>
<a class="fa fa-flag-o" style="cursor: default" title="Deleted Record"></a>

Answer Source

use this code on your event that handle the show and hide


if can, avoid using same id's explained in this post ,you can change the id into class. and change the above selectors from tr#deletedTraingRecords into tr.deletedTrainingRecords

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