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Javascript Question

Node.js solrProxy access denied

I have to use proxy (node.js) to secure solr. I have followed this guide and perform following steps.

npm install solr-security-proxy

and then run it

`npm bin`/solr-security-proxy --port 9090 --backendHost --backendPort 8983

and started solr like

java -jar start.jar

When I try to query solr via proxy like


It gives follwoing error

solrProxy: access denied

Same query via solr runs successfully. Where is the problem in my installation of node.js

Answer Source

Actually Node.js allow only read option from solr by supposing format of query prefix like http://ip-of-system/solr/select/. In my case I was also giving solr collection name. By removing collection name, above problem was removed. query new format will be like

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