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window.setTimeout in javascript link on Firefox not working properly

Due to generic reasons I have to put some javascript into the HREF attributes of some navigation bar links to perform some more actions. Partially actions require delayed execution, thus I'm using


Here is a sample:

<a href="javascript:alert('do anything');window.setTimeout(function(){alert('do anything else');},1111);">Login</a>

In Google Chrome this works like expected, but on Firefox it redirects to a new empty page that contains only a random number when
is called.


Why this is happening and how I can avoid that and still using HREF attributes for such actions? Specially the returned number is magic to me.

Answer Source

Wrapping it in an anonymous function seems to fix it:

<a href="javascript:(function(){alert('do anything');window.setTimeout(function(){alert('do anything else');},1111);})()">Login</a>

The number that is returned and displayed on the page in FF, is the return value of window.setTimeout, it's a counter incremented every time it is called, to allow you keep track of timers.

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