helle helle -3 years ago 204
PHP Question

searching for a free and trusty js and php code review tool

i'm looking for a free tool, which i can use local to do

codreviewing. if it's even easy to install you'll be my hero!

any experiences, preferences, suggestions, commendations?

thanks in advice.

p.s.: if there is no adequate tool which can handle both good enough, i will be happy with a combination of two tools, as well.

Answer Source

I will let someone take php but as for javascript you can use jsLint. They have an online version where you can plugin your source code. Or they have a wsh script option which can be run locally. Just be warned that it will hurt your feelings when you run this.


I wasn't making it up when I said it will hurt your feelings. That is right out of the documentation: http://www.JSLint.com/lint.html

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