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CSS Question

How to style a static page in rails 4 app

I want to style a static page to be as a landing page for the rails app.
The static page is from the StaticPagesController.
But the problem is when I add the class in the static page (home.html.erb)
and in the application.css add the styling it doesn't use the styles.
Any suggestions?


Rename the application.css to application.scss because for rails 4 is better to work with .scss extension.

Then, DON'T write your code directly in your application.scss file, is a really bad practice.

Import your .scss files (without the extension) For example:

*= require_tree .
 = require rails_bootstrap_forms
 *= require_self

@import "yourfilename";

If you are using .sass extension, then you must include this line in your config/application.rb file:

config.sass.preferred_syntax = :sass

This is because rails takes by default .css or .scss extension instead of .sass extension.

If you deleted the content of the application.scss you have to restore it too.