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iOS 8 iPad tab bar height is different than iOS 7

Does any one know if the official documentation tells us the height of the tab bar on iOS 8 iPad applications?

My app's tab bar frame is (0, 719) (1024, 49) on my landscape iPad app on iOS 8.
For iOS 7, it's (0, 712), (1024, 56).

I read in that the height on iOS 7 ipads is 56 pixels. I'm guessing it's not the same for iOS 8?

Answer Source

Apple have changed the iPad tab bar height back to 49px in iOS 8. An Apple engineer has confirmed the change. The documentation seems to have not updated however.

So for iPad, the UITabBar heights per iOS version are:

  • iOS 6 and earlier - 49pt
  • iOS 7 - 56pt
  • iOS 8 and later - 49pt

The tab bar has always been 49pt on iPhone and remains that way.

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