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How can I replace multiple characters in a string using python?

I am having some trouble figuring out how to replace multiple characters in a string.I am trying to write a functions called replace(string) that takes in an input, and replaces certain letters in the input with another letter.

Lets say I have the string "WXYZ" and I want to replace all the W with Y, X with Z, Y with W, and Z with X. I want it to do the replacement no matter what the input is. so if I also do something like replace("WWZXWWXYYZWYYY") it should replace the letters like I said above.

This is what I have done so far:

def replace(string):
for letters in string:
string = string.replace("W","Y").replace("X","Z").replace("Y","W").replace("Z","X")

but when I run it with replace("WXYZ")

I get the output of the code as: WXWX

Instead of getting YZWX as the output. I also want to use the built in functions of python as well. Can someone help me figure this out, thank you!

Answer Source

Note that your calls are structured in such a way that W is replaced with Y in the first call, and then Y is again replaced with W in the third call, undoing the first call's output.

You should be using str.translate, it's much more efficient and robust than a bunch of chained replace calls:

_tab = str.maketrans(dict(zip('WXYZ', 'YZWX')))
def replace(string):
    return string.translate(_tab)

>>> replace('WXYZ')
>>> replace("WWZYWXXWYYZW")
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