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Avoid setUpClass to run every time for nose cherry picked tests

This is my tests class, in


class Some TestClass(TestCase):

def setUpClass(cls):
# Do the setup for my tests

def test_Something(self)
# Test something

def test_AnotherThing(self)
# Test another thing

def test_DifferentStuff(self)
# Test another thing

I'm running the tests from Python with the following lines:

tests_to_run = ['mymodule.foo:test_AnotherThing', 'mymodule.foo:test_DifferentStuff']
result = nose.run(defaultTest= tests_to_run)

(This is obviously a bit more complicated and there's some logic to pick what tests I want to run)

Nose will run just the selected tests, as expected, but the
will run once for every test in
. Is there any way to avoid this?

What I'm trying to achieve is to be able to run some dynamic set of tests while using
in a Python script (not from the command line)

Answer Source

As @jonrsharpe mentioned, setupModule is what I was after: it will run just once per the whole module where my tests reside.

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