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Swift Question

The "prefs" URL Scheme not woring in iOS 10 (Beta 1 & 2)

I can't get the "prefs" URL Scheme to work in iOS 10 (Beta 1).

It's set up correctly since the same App works fine on iOS 9.

Is this a bug or did it get renamed / removed?


let settingsUrl = NSURL(string: "prefs:root=SOMETHING")
if let url = settingsUrl {

Update: (Beta 2)

Still not working in Beta 2.

It seams to be an bug. For example if you want do invite someone using GameCenter in iOS 10 and you're not logged into iMessage, you'll get a popup asking you to log in. But the "Settings" button does absolutely nothing.

Answer Source

You can use UIApplicationOpenSettingsURLString to open your own app's settings (this has been available since iOS 8) but any other prefs: URL is now considered a private API and use will result in app rejection.

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