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Ruby Question

Max value within array of objects

I'm new in ruby. I'm trying to do the following but haven't succeeded.

I've got an array of objects, let's call it objs. Each object has multiple properties, one of those is a variable that holds a number, let's call it val1. I wanna iterate through the array of objects and determine the max value of val1 through all the objects.

I've tried the following:

def init(objs)
@objs = objs
@max = 0

def cal_max

@max = @objs.find { |obj| obj.val1 >= max }

# also tried
@objs.each { |obj| @max = obj.val1 if obj.val1 >= @max }


As I said, I'm just learning about blocks.

Any suggestion is welcome.


Answer Source

Let's say you have set up the following model:

class SomeObject
  attr_accessor :prop1, :prop2, :val1

  def initialize(prop1, prop2, val1)
    @prop1 = prop1
    @prop2 = prop2
    @val1  = val1

#define your objects from the class above
david  ='David',  'Peters', 23)
steven ='Steven', 'Peters', 26)
john   ='John',   'Peters', 33)

#define an array of the above objects
array = [david, steven, john]

Then use max_by by passing the condition into its block as follows to determine the object with the max val1 value. Finally call val1 to get the value of the max object.

array.max_by {|e| e.val1 }.val1 #=> 33
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