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Javascript Question

JS trim() function in cloudant

I build a search index in cloudant. I use

to remove space in string. However it does not work.

How can I do this?


I have a JSon

"attributeArray": [
"name": "this is a web authentication"

I already extracted "name" successfully. I want to remove space in "name" then make a search index for the document. Supposing "name" had already extracted.

var index=name.trim();
Index("default", index);

When i query, the system shows:

"id": "06xxxx",
"fields": [
" this is a web authentication"

I conclude that function trim() does not work.

PS: A small question so it does not need to explain in whole thing.

Answer Source

By definition, the trim() function will only remove leading and trailing white-space within a string, which may not be what you need in this scenario.

If you want to remove all white-space in general, you could consider using a Regular Expression replacement via the replace() function:

// This will remove all white-space from your input string
var output = input.replace(/\s/g,'');

After Your Update

Your code looks a bit more like you want to replace multiple instances of a space with a single space, which can still be done by a slightly different expression than the original :

// This replaces multiple repeated instances of a space with a single
var trimmedName = name.replace(/\s+/g,' ');
Index("default", trimmedName);
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