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npm hangs on any command

I installed last version of Node.js (12.2 x64 windows)
After I run cmd as administrator and try to call any npm command (except npm -v) cmd window is hanging. after ctrl+c it returns Terminate batch job (Y/N)?

enter image description here

I was trying to left cmd for several hours but it didn't give some results.
It is strange because node.exe process is consuming CPU and memory quite hard.

I was trying to reinstall node.js several times without success.
I can't even get some debug information.

I faced such issue on my VM which I was using by connecting via rdp. Same version installed on my laptop works ok. On my VM I had Kaspersky antivirus, but after switching it off I got same result.

Did somebody face such issue? Is there some way to get more information problem?
Could you please recommend me some way to resolve?

Answer Source

I've finally resolved my issue. According to suggestion from our local read me file

Node.js (with NPM) Note: On windows server machines, instead of node modules been installed at user %APPDATA% path, its better to install at a global path e.g c:\npm. This could be acheived by the npm command: $ npm config set prefix 'c:\npm' This is not required on individual developer's machine.

I've excited npm config set prefix 'c:\npm' without any fear

As result it added prefix="'c:\\npm'" to my .npmrc file

This make node.js really crazy. It takes me about an hour to debug all these js scripts npm.js code.js etc... to find that it calls mkdirp with 'c:\npm'\etc and it loop process forever.

So I would like to share with people this sad history and hope that it can help someone like me. Because asking npm support tem for help is just wasting your time, they will not pay attention on his users problems.

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