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How to read both from request URI and body in ASP.NET MVC controller and AJAX?

I have an MVC controller with attribute and signature

public void SubmitOrder(string id, string user, [FromBody]string data)

that has a custom route

name: "Submit",
url: "Order/{id}/{user}/Submit",
defaults: new { controller = "Order", action = "SubmitOrder", id = "", user = "" }

Next, I have an AJAX post as:

type: "POST",
url: baseUrl + "aaa/bbb/Submit",
contentType: "application/json; charset=utf-8",
data: JSON.stringify(newData),
success: function(response) {

I can reach SubmitOrder() where
id = aaa
user = bbb
have the proper values from the URL, but
is always null. I don't want to change the route, and want the JSON object to be in the request body (I know I can set an additional parameter in the route, but for design reasons I'd rather have it in the request body instead). However, I don't know how to access this data from the controller. Is there a way to read the request body without making changes to the route?

Answer Source

In your ajax call, try

data: { data: json.stringify (newdata) }
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