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Objective-C Question

Pass different parameters to an IBAction

My iPhone app has many buttons and I want all the buttons to call the same method, but with different parameters.

For example I want tapping one button to call the method

with the argument
, and a second button should call the same method but with argument

Answer Source

The so called "IBActions" must have one of these signatures:

-(void)actionWithSender:(id)sender event:(UIEvent*)event;

You cannot add any other parameters. Nevertheless you can use sender (which is button1 or button2 in your case) to get the parameter:

-(void)actionWithSender:(UIButton*)sender {
   NSString* parameter;
   if (sender.tag == 1)   // button1
     parameter = @"foo";
   else                   // button2
     parameter = @"bar";
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