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Saving a Pandas DataFrame to a Django Model

I have stock price data that is stored in a pandas DataFrame as shown below (actually it was in a panel, but I converted it to a DataFrame)

date ticker close tsr
0 2013-03-28 abc 22.81 1.000439
1 2013-03-28 def 94.21 1.006947
2 2013-03-28 ghi 95.84 1.014180
3 2013-03-28 jkl 31.80 1.000000
4 2013-03-28 mno 32.10 1.003125
...many more rows

I want to save this in a Django model, which looks like this (matches the column names):

class HistoricalPrices(models.Model):
ticker = models.CharField(max_length=10)
date = models.DateField()
tsr = models.DecimalField()
close = models.DecimalField()

The best I've come up so far is using this to save it, where df is my DataFrame:

entries = []
for e in df.T.to_dict().values():

Is there a better way to save this?

I've looked at django-pandas, but looks like it just reads from the DB.

Answer Source

It would be most efficient to use to_sql() with appropriate connection parameters for the engine, and run this inside your Django app rather than iterating through the DataFrame and saving one model instance at a time:

from django.conf import settings

user = settings.DATABASES['default']['USER']
password = settings.DATABASES['default']['PASSWORD']
database_name = settings.DATABASES['default']['NAME']

database_url = 'postgresql://{user}:{password}@localhost:5432/{database_name}'.format(

engine = create_engine(database_url, echo=False)
df.to_sql(HistoricalPrices, con=engine)
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