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Windows IIS 8.5 new website permission denied

I would like to ask for help about setting new website on Windows server IIS 8.5

I have two version of PHP on my server, 5.4.9 and Both of them are working correctly. MySQL server is working too. I have created new site in IIS, given all permissions for IIS_IUSRS, but when I want to run webpage, I always get Permission denied for fopen() function. I am using czech PHP framework Nette and it needs write permissions for some folders. Without that it cannot work. But I am not able to do any change to fix it. Site folder is right in C:\inetpub\ folder. Do you have any ideas how to fix this?

I have gone through many of tutorials and issues here on StackOverflow, but no of those advices have worked.

One more question to the end, do you have any detailed tutorial how to properly set up new PHP website in IIS 8.5? All the time when I fix something, another thing is wrong. And according to those tutorials I have found it looks too quick and easy.

Thank you for your help.

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Unfortunately it didn't help. Right now I have set Create, Write and Delete permissions to user IIS AppPool\website, IUSR, Network Service and IIS_IUSRS group. I really don't know who else I should give permissions to write into this folder. I am just wondering, if there might be another bug or if I just made some mistake in setting the website or server up. What do you think? Thanks for help


So I finally found the solution of this problem. There was one important user, that didn't have access rights to this folder. It was group Users. I gave the rights and it is working.

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