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YAML Question

Yaml load converting string to UTF8?

I have this YAML:

test: {"gender":0,"nacionality":"Alem\u00e3o"}

I am reading it using python 3.5 as follow:

with open('teste.yaml', 'r') as stream:
doc = yaml.load_all(stream)
for line in doc:

This is the result I get:

{'test': {'gender': 0, 'nacionality': 'Alemão'}}

But If I change
in my YAML, I get this:

{'test': {'nacionality': 'Alem\\u00e3o', 'gender': 0}}

As you can see, when I use
the string
is converted to UTF, but with
it does not.

So I have two questions:

Why do I get different outputs when I use

What can I do to get the output as
when using

Answer Source

That's how the YAML data format is defined. Within double quotes, specific escape sequences are interpreted. Within single quotes, they're not.

7.3.1. Double-Quoted Style

The double-quoted style is specified by surrounding “"” indicators. This is the only style capable of expressing arbitrary strings, by using “\” escape sequences. This comes at the cost of having to escape the “\” and “"” characters.


What can I do to get the output as Alem\u00e3o when using "?

Escape the escape character:

test: {"gender":0,"nacionality":"Alem\\u00e3o"}
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