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Android Question

Class casting and parentheses

I have seen the following code suggested a number of times for allowing a fragment to access a variable in its activity.

foo = ((MainActivity)this.getActivity()).getFoo();

Now, if it looked like:

foo = (MainActivity)this.getActivity().getFoo();

if would make sense that it was being cast as (MainActivity), however, what does enclosing the entire left side in parentheses do exactly?

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Answer Source

Just like in maths, adding parentheses means "do this first". In the expression:


We are saying that do this first:


Then on the result of the above, do this:


If we don't have the parentheses,


We are saying that do this first, since casting has a low precedence:


then cast the result of the above to MainActivity.

Obviously, the latter expression does not work because there is no getFoo defined in Activity, which is what the getActivity returns.

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