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Unable to iterate over enum

I'm currently unable to iterate over my Enum values using the following code:

enum class Animals { Ducks, Giraffes, Hamster };

Array^ temp = Enum::GetValues(Animals::typeid);
Console::WriteLine("LENGTH = " + temp->Length);
for (int iter = 0; iter < temp->Length; iter++)
Console::WriteLine("ITER = " + iter);

It results in the following:


I have followed the following documentation entry:

Thanks for your time

Answer Source

The C++11 language revision has adopted several keywords that were in use in C++/CLI. Like nullptr, override, final. And the enum class keyword. That makes your Animals type an unmanaged type in recent VS versions and Enum::GetValues() incapable of discovering enum values since it relies on reflection.

override and final don't byte since they are contextual keywords. nullptr is troublesome, but it stays the managed flavor and __nullptr is the unmanaged flavor. The workaround for enum class is unpleasant but Microsoft offers no better alternative, you must declare it public. Syntax that isn't valid in native C++. Fix:

   public enum class Animals { Ducks, Giraffes, Hamster };
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